Upgrade to Check Image Retrieval for Catalyst Clients Arriving 8/15/23

As previously announced, Catalyst is upgrading their check image retrieval process and all CU*Answers clients using Catalyst for their check image retrieval need to be migrated to the new, more secure certificate-based retrieval method.  All Catalyst credit unions will be moved to the new certificate-based retrieval method on Tuesday, August 15th around 9:00 AM ET.

This migration will be seamless to you and your members, with no member downtime.  Retrieval of check images will function exactly the same in both It’s Me 247 Online Banking and CU*BASE GOLD.

If your credit union is interested in joining a Beta to test the new check image retrieval system prior to the August 15th migration, please reach out to Jason.lareau@cuanswers.com.