Xpress Teller 101: Your Resource Toolkit


Welcome back to Xpress Teller 101! Xpress Teller is a new, separate teller processing platform to CU*BASE, designed to streamline and simplify the teller experience. Xpress Teller will be available in the CU*BASE 21.05 release.


Thank you for joining us for the Xpress Teller 101 email series. You can review each email in the series on the CU*Answers website, here:

Xpress Teller 101: Your Resource Toolkit

Xpress Teller 101: Details and Design

Xpress Teller 101: Xpress or Standard?

Xpress Teller 101: Making the Plan

Xpress Teller 101: Workflow Controls

Xpress Teller 101: Strategic Decisions

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Your Xpress Teller Resources

Keep Up with Xpress Teller in the Kitchen


Watch the Video “Getting Ready for Xpress Teller”


Register for an Upcoming Training


Check Out the Xpress Teller Quick FAQ


Connect with Earnings Edge in the CU*Answers Store for an Xpress Teller Consultation



And of course, CU*BASE Online Help, the Knowledge Base, and our Client Services and Education team members are available to assist with all of your Xpress Teller questions!