Analyze How Members are Using Online Banking!


Online Banking Optics is your “click-tracking” data for It’s Me 247, recording the digital habits and preferences of members as they engage with online banking. Simple summaries and trends of this data is available today via the CU*BASE Tool #1100 Online Banking Optics: Lite, and Analytics Booth.

Looking for member detail in the data? To collect member details and additional data on individual actions we track with Online Banking Optics, consider activating the collection of the full data set – click here to read more

*Prerequisite*: a Data Warehouse is required for data storage.

An advanced analysis dashboard is available to analyze and use the full Online Banking Optics data set, including data mining lists of members.  Warehouse users who are collecting this data can log in to their AI*Engaged account and select the ‘Online Banking Optics’ tool to begin.

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