Arriving Soon: Phone Number Database Changes for Third Party Vendors

On Tuesday, August 22, we will implement a change for select third party vendors to begin sending phone number data from the MASTPH phone number database instead of the MASTER and MASTRL databases (learn more about the phone number database differences here).  We will now send the following information from the MASTPH database when transmitting data:

  • Home Phone: we will use the lowest sequenced number on the member record.
  • Cell Phone: we will use the lowest sequenced number from the member record that is indicated to be a mobile phone number.
  • Work Phone: we will send what is in the member employment record.
  • If a vendor requires a primary and secondary number, we will use the lowest sequenced and second lowest sequenced numbers from the member record.

While there is nothing that your credit union, or your vendor, will need to do in preparation for this change, we want to make you aware that depending on how your vendor processes data, any phone number changes may be highlighted as exceptions when your next vendor transmission is sent following the August 22nd implementation.  You may choose to notify your vendor prior to the change; vendors receiving this change are listed below:


  • AFG Balloon Loan Accounts File
  • Aimbridge
  • Akcelerant
  • Better Branches File
  • D&H Finanstra
  • Insuritas
  • Kasasa
  • Marquis
  • Onovative
  • Overby Seawell Co – CPI
  • Patriot Officer
  • PSCU
  • QuieTrack – CPI
  • Raddon Customer information
  • SerTech Loan Generation Marketing File
  • Southwest Business Corporation – CPI
  • State National Insurance – CPI
  • SWBC
  • VanWagenen – CPI
  • Velocity
  • Verafin extract