Changes to See and Jump Functionality in the New Online Banking


This summer, we will be debuting a completely new look-and-feel and user experience for It’s Me 247 desktop and mobile web banking!  This new version of online banking combines both the desktop and mobile versions into a single design that works on every device, whether you are using your phone, tablet or home computer!  This mobile-first design, combined with our new modular infrastructure, will give your credit union new control options over how online banking features are presented to your members.

What happened to the “See” feature where members could view account balances from other memberships?

As part of the upgrade process, there will be a few features that will not be carried over to the new mobile-first design.  Among these is the “see” feature, which has been temporarily sunset based on the difficulty of presenting the data in a clear way within the constraints of a mobile screen size.

We will continue to review the “see” feature to see if we can come up with a future presentation that is clean and helpful to members – suggestions are welcomed via the Kitchen!  In the meantime, we encourage credit unions to set up “jump” relationships for members instead.

Can members still “Jump” to their other memberships in the new online banking?

The existing “jump” feature is still available and is easier to use than ever – just click the Profile button in the upper-right corner of the new online banking and select ‘switch accounts.’

It may also be helpful for members to set a unique profile picture to each of their memberships so that they have a clear view of where they are – once a member has jumped to another account, the image that shows for the Profile button will reflect what has been assigned to that account.  Members can update their account profile picture(s) by using the ‘Personal Info & Settings’ feature on the profile menu, then selecting the little camera button that appears next to the placeholder image at the top of the page.

Will members who used the “See” feature automatically be switched to allow the “Jump” feature?

For existing members who have only the “See” feature activated, we will not be converting them to automatically allow “Jump” for those relationships.  However, you can make those adjustments yourself for members who request that access be reinstated.  To do so, use Tool #14: Member Personal Banker, then choose See/Jump Relationships.

Since we are still considering how to introduce a different type of “See” functionality in the future, at this point we will not be removing the existing settings from the configuration tables for members.  The new look for It’s Me 247 will simply ignore any records with a relationship type of “S” for See.

As a helpful tip: the table where these configuration records are stored is named ARUSJDT.  For every “J” Jump type record there will always be a companion “S” See type record.  But if a member had allowed See only, then you’d see only a single “S” type record.

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