Changes to TRANSx Files Arriving 2/14/21


On Sunday, February 14th, we will be performing an upgrade for all credit unions that will expand the TRANSx files.  This is in preparation for changes that will be coming with the 21.05 release of CU*BASE.

Because the TRANSx and HTRANSx files will be changing, if your credit union has any custom Queries over those files, you will need to update them before they are able to run.  This is especially important for Queries set up to run automatically via the scheduler.  When changes are made to the files that your Queries use, you may encounter an error message.  This can be easily remedied by ‘refreshing’ your Query.  For step-by-step instructions, click here to review the AnswerBook item.

You can review the 2021 February Table Changes by viewing the PDF located here.

Additionally, Show Me the Steps instructions on how to use the Automated Reports and Queries features are available via the links below:

For further information on the Automated Reports and Queries feature, click here.