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AnswerBook is your go-to knowledge base for questions relating to CU*BASE software, products and services from CU*Answers.  In this edition of AnswerBook Digest, we’re placing a spotlight on the following topics:


  • My member’s loan was paid down to a zero balance, but the member still owed fines on the loan.  During end of day processing, this loan was closed before the fines were paid.  What could cause this to occur?

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  • On the Shared Branch Network Transactions (LSBNTRN) report I see “Credit Union not on File”.  What does this mean?

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  • What Social Security Number (SSN) is used for tax reporting?  What should I do if I want to report under a different SSN than is primary, for example if the member that is primary on the account is deceased?

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  • Can I add my IRA and HSA CDs to Online Banking for members to purchase?

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  • Can I get a beneficiary’s name to print on a Rep. Payee’s statement?

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