CU*BASE Favorites from Asterisk Intelligence: Online Banking Activity Analysis


The Online Banking Activity Analysis screen provides a deeper look into member usage across member channels.  You can use this screen to break down both where and how members are logging in to Online Banking, as well as a detailed analysis on days of the week, time of day and popular log in dates.

While other online banking dashboards show important statistics on overall usage, this dashboard is rich with modern data points such as mobile app and MACO statistics.  Use this dashboard to find populations of members that meet filter criteria and:

  • Analyze using Common Bonds – membership demographics, account compositions, credit quality, service penetration.
  • Analyze via additional Analysis screens built into the dashboard.
  • Contact members using Member Connect option for emails, online banking messages and mailing labels.
  • Set up trackers using Member Connect, which can support Next Suggested Product Notes.
  • Extract the list of members or the list of individual login record details to download or query as needed.

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