CU*BASE Favorites from Client Services: Report Builder Main Menu


The Report Builder Main Menu acts as “command central” and contains access to all of the options available for setting up your report or inquiry.  There are two methods for using this screen, depending on your preference:

  • One thing at a time!  To keep things simple, just click on the button for the option you want.  (HINT: “Hover” your mouse over the buttons to read more about what that option will do.)  You will automatically proceed to the appropriate screen.  When done on that screen, use Enter to save and return here.  Then click the next button you need, and so on.
  • Give it to me all at once!  If you know which of the options you will need for your report, you can use the keyboard to type a “1” in front of all of the items you will need, then press Enter to begin.  The system will automatically display all selected screens, one after another, and then return you to this screen.

 CU*TIP: To select all options, use F21-Select all and the system will automatically begin displaying all of the screens in order.

For more information on the Report Builder Main Menu, click the button below!