CU*BASE GOLD 20.11 Coming Soon!


Mark your calendars for November 8, when you will receive CU*BASE GOLD Version 20.11!

Release Documents
• 20.11 Release Summary
• 20.11 Database Changes
• 20.11 Tool Changes

Release Training
General Release Training
This training will provide an overview of all release enhancements.

To join either of the two training sessions, click on JOIN below for the session you want to attend.

• Tuesday, November 3, 2020 – 10:00 – 11:30 AM PT – JOIN

Reminder: GOLD Version Check
Following the release, if someone logs into a workstation that is not at the proper version of GOLD (or the JWalk Client), the user will be instructed to sign off. That workstation must be brought up to date before it can be used to log into CU*BASE.

Service Interruption
As with all CU*BASE GOLD releases, there will be a brief service interruption to It’s Me 247 Online Banking and CU*Talk phone banking on the day of the release. A splash page will be presented in online banking informing members of an estimated time when service will again be available.