CU*BASE Release 22.05 is Arriving Soon!


CU*BASE Release 22.05

Online Release Date is May 15


22.05 Release Summary

22.05 New and Updated Tool Summary

22.05 Database Changes Summary


Attend a release review webinar!

Thursday, April 28 @ 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM PT

Wednesday, May 11 @ 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM PT

Click here to register!  (Select your preferred date and time from the drop-down tab on the registration page.)


Take a look at our new video detailing the Share Secured Loans feature arriving with this release.  This video shows how members can set up a Share Secured Loan, including selecting the loan amount and term, signing and submitting forms, all from a phone or mobile device. 

Beta Reports

If you are interested in reviewing the beta credit unions’ commentary from their time with the software, visit the Feedback from Recent Beta Tests on the beta pool information page to learn more.


GOLD Version Check

Following the release, if someone logs into a workstation that is not at the proper version of GOLD or the JWalk Client, the user will be instructed to sign off, and the workstation must be brought up to date before it can be log into CU*BASE.

Online Banking Service Interruption

As with all CU*BASE GOLD releases, there will be a brief service interruption to It’s Me 247 Online Banking and CU*Talk phone banking on the day of the release. A splash page will be presented in online banking informing members of an estimated time when service will again be available.