Customization Options in the New Online Banking: Menu Navigation


This summer, we will be debuting a completely new look-and-feel and user experience for It’s Me 247 desktop and mobile web banking!  This new version of online banking combines both the desktop and mobile versions into a single design that works on every device, whether you are using your phone, tablet or home computer!  This mobile-first design, combined with our new modular infrastructure, will give your credit union new control options over how online banking features are presented to your members.

 Menu Navigation

With the new online banking, you can set up where you want links to appear and which links you want to be prominent.  You can promote special offers or features you want to highlight and switch things around to keep things fresh.  Link to any just about any feature from just about anywhere!

Navigation items that can be customized in the new It’s Me 247 online banking include:

  • Links on the navigation menus, located across the top* of the desktop/tablet display (or the pull-out menu for a mobile phone)
  • Features highlighted in the widgetbar – these are little mini-menus that you can configure to appear along the left edge of the desktop/tablet display (or from items on the pull-out menu for a mobile phone)
  • Links in the contextual menus, such as the pop-out list of features that appear when clicking on a savings or loan account

*NOTE: Across the top of the standard layout is what is referred to as the ‘mega menu’ which contains all of the standard features for It’s Me 247.  Although your credit union can add links to this menu and control which features appear on it, if you choose to relabel and move things around, keep in mind that the standard online help, other documentation, email messages for things such as eAlerts and eNotices, shared marketing materials and the like, will usually refer to the standard labels and location.

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