Did You Know? Reach Members Faster with the Append Email Address Tool


Reach Members Faster with the Append Email Address Tool

Data analysts, marketers, and other credit union staff: check out this method to easily add member address to an existing database file!  Once the database file has been created, either from dashboard export or via Report Builder, access Tool #1640: Append Member Email to Existing File to quickly append the table with the members’ email addresses for further use in member outreach and email marketing.

With this tool, championed by the Asterisk Intelligence team, you can easily export data from any dashboard and add member email addresses to the table, with additional filters to eliminate data you don’t need.

Once your table has been appended with member email addresses, you can easily pass this along to your third-party marketer, or use the CU*BASE Member Connect feature to send messages to members – for a multilayered communication strategy, all without leaving CU*BASE!