Do You Have a New Teller or Member Service Representative?


Join the Client Services and Education Team as we explore a day in the life of a Teller/Member Service Representative.  This course is geared toward new team members or current staff that would like a refresher in CU*BASE GOLD.  We will concentrate on the tools that help users answer various member inquiries relating to accounts and account history.  Also on the agenda will be the process of opening and closing a teller drawer, performing research for teller offages, as well as best practices for posting transactions and opening new memberships and accounts.

Participants will explore the following areas:

  • Member Services: Account Inquiry and Phone Operator
  • Teller Techniques
  • Transaction Reversals and Fees, Tools #30 and #31
  • Teller Best Practices and Teller Offage Research
  • Online University
  • Exercise for Success
  • Show Me the Steps
  • OnDemand Videos
  • Registering for Courses

Monday, April 4 from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM PT.

These classes will not be covering credit union policy and procedures.  We highly recommend that participants also take the following online classes to be fully engaged with the subject matter:

  • CTM 200 Member Inquiry
  • CTM 201 Phone Operator
  • CTM 400 Teller Processing 1
  • CTM 401 Teller Processing 2