Get Ready: the Redesigned BizLink 247 Arrives 12/6/22!


The newly redesigned BizLink 247 online banking for business arrives December 6th! 

BizLink 247 was designed with the specialized needs of business members in mind and we’re enhancing this with our new modular redesign.  Credit unions will now have the ability to update branding and logos, add or remove widgets, incorporate marketing materials and more!

Along with this redesign, we will be launching Biz Watch for ACH, a new service designed for business members who want a higher level of control over unauthorized transactions submitted to their operating accounts.  Biz Watch for ACH automates more of the process and allows members to define how they would like incoming ACH debits to be handled.

Ready to get started with the new BizLink 247 online banking for business?  Click the button below to visit our online store today!

If your credit union is interested in launching BizLink 247 Mobile App 6.0 for Android and/or Apple, click here for more details.  We also encourage you to visit our online store to review the self-service options available for BizLink 247 Mobile and Desktop!