It’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month! Incident Response for an Information Security Program


Cybersecurity has become an increasingly important subject for financial institutions to invest in and a key component of any successful information security program along with active participation from credit union executives and board members.  Julie Gessner, VP of CMS Sales, recently interviewed key staff at CU*Answers to get their input on hot topics relating to cybersecurity.

Incident Response for an Information Security Program

What is cybersecurity and what is the role that incident response plays in an information security program?

Cybersecurity is how your credit union manages technological threats, both internal and external, and provides evidence that you are doing so.  Everything from risk assessments to endpoint protection and awareness training are all part of your cybersecurity strategy.  The purpose of a cybersecurity program is to protect your members and their identities.

Cybersecurity risk management involves reviewing all the technical threats to an organization’s information and evaluating the controls necessary to mitigate these risks. – Patrick Sickels 

One aspect of an information security program is business continuity.  Business continuity anticipates threats that could result in business disruptions and takes steps to mitigate the impact of those threats.  A business continuity plan provides instant response procedures to restore critical systems and processes to return to normal business operations. – Jim Lawrence

All business continuity plans should consider a high availability strategy for their network.  For some services and applications, even the slightest amount of downtime can result in significant impact to operations.  A high availability strategy helps keep systems online and is achieved by replicating data between redundant systems in multiple locations. – Dave Wordhouse

Stay tuned for more tips on cybersecurity awareness throughout the month of October!

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