Member Messaging: a Communication Feature Debuting with the New Online Banking


This summer, we will be debuting a completely new look-and-feel and user experience for It’s Me 247 desktop and mobile web banking!  This new version of online banking combines both the desktop and mobile versions into a single design that works on every device, whether you are using your phone, tablet or home computer!  This mobile-first design, combined with our new modular infrastructure, will give your credit union new control options over how online banking features are presented to your members.

Member Messaging

The member messaging feature gathers prompts such as password reminders and secure message center notifications into a centralized member communication tool.  These will appear as a swipe-able banner immediately above the member’s Favorite Accounts list on the home page.  If no messages are waiting for the member, that area will disappear and Favorite Accounts will move up to fill in that space.

Topics that can be communicated via this message area include:

  • ACH pending deposits ready for early post (if your CU allows on-demand ACH posting and the member has an eligible deposit waiting)
  • Ballots
  • Member Reach messages, including personal messages entered via the CU*BASE Comments feature
  • Documents ready for e-signing (eDOC Signature)
  • Replies to private contact requests
  • Password change reminders
  • 1Click Offers

(Sample of the ACH pending deposits banner)

(Sample of the ballot message banner)

(Sample of the 1Click Offer message banner)

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