Mobile 4.0 Mid-Year Update – Arriving 10/14/20


Attention credit unions using the CU*Answers Mobile App:

The Mobile 4.0 Mid-Year Update will begin rolling out on 10/14/2020.

Next week, CU*Answers will begin the process to update your Apple & Android mobile apps.  As usual, all updates must go through the Apple and Google approval process and will release accordingly.  Because each credit union app is submitted & reviewed individually, some will face delays in this process.  Additionally, once this update is live in the app stores, credit unions should expect a 2-3 week timeframe before most members have updated to the latest version.

What to expect:

Not all updates are the same.  Much of this year’s update includes behind the scene fixes and minimal improvements to the user experience for features like RDC and eSignature, none of which should impact support or cause member confusion.  However, some credit unions might choose to market and turn on features at their own pace following the update.  For example, enabling RDC payments/deposits to credit cards or loans requires an optional CU*BASE configuration.

The Mobile 4.0 Mid-Year update will contain the following:

  1. You are now able to flag loan accounts to deposit RDC to directly, these are configured via the loan category in Tool #458, selecting the category and Audio/PC Banking, where the last option listed is allow payments via RDC.
    1. There was a CU*Answers flood to flag all credit union share/share draft accounts, you can review this within Tool #777 in the savings/checking products configuration, selecting the DIVAPL, and under ARU/Online Banking will be the last option listed to allow deposits via RDC.
  2. Also within RDC, you should now see sub accounts automatically being added/updated within RDC.  You will no longer need to manually add a sub account if a member opens a new sub account – this will automatically appear within the RDC area of the mobile app.
  3. There is a new eDOC Signature Modal that will appear for any member that has a new eDOC Signature message within their message center.  This will bring the member to the message center for the new eDOC signature experience.
  4. Finally, for credit unions using Pay Anyone 1.0 micro-app – you can now establish app linking within your flagship mobile app over to your credit union Pay Anyone micro-app.

If we are unable to update your credit union mobile app, your credit union will be contacted on the necessary steps needed for this update to happen.

Please feel free to reach out to the MTG/IRSC Professional Services team at with any questions.