Payveris Outgoing Checks Operational Issue – Update for 12/29/21


Payveris has stated that RR Donnelley is still working on the resolution and has re-iterated that while there is no indication of any client data breach, they are still reviewing and will be sharing any document information with clients as an RCA.

Payveris has also stated that they are not able to turn off the check payment portion of bill pay and at this point, they are not able to stop the files from being sent to RR Donnelley.  As we continue monitoring, we want to remind you of the following considerations:

For your members:

  • If the check has processed, in PASS it will appear as “mailed”.  When this issue is resolved, those checks will be mailed – however, if the member would like to pay it sooner, a stop payment can be placed by the credit union.
  • If the check is scheduled or upcoming, the member can cancel those payments themselves in mobile or online banking.  (Again, once they process, the first bulletin point would apply.)
  • If the member schedules a check payment, Payveris has changed the delivery time to 8 days, providing a more reasonable delivery time.

 When it comes to fees:

  • Payveris is recommending the credit union not charge stop payment fees for any bill pay check that the member is requesting to stop.
  • If your member has a late payment charge, you will need to contact SettleMINT EFT team, who can assist you with submitting the details to Payveris for reimbursement.  Remember: you will need to provide proof of the fee and that any reimbursements will be refunded directly to the member.

 Report Options (this is available to Customer Service Manager role in Payveris.  If you need to make changes to current roles, please contact the SettleMINT team).

  • In PASS, you can pull a report of checks processed.  There are a couple options available, however we recommend using the second report.
    • PASS > Search Payments > Biller Network = RR Donnelley
      • This report gives you a list of accounts that had checks issued check during the range.
    • PASS> View Query>
      • Query name field should say ‘customer usage – payment details’.
      • Date range – 12/23 to the end date you are looking for.
      • This report generates in a CSV, which can be opened in Excel.  This report will show all payments electronic or mailed.  You will need to sort by the payment status column and focus on all that are labeled as mailed.
      • This report shows all details associated with the payment.
    • In PASS, you can pull a report of scheduled checks.
      • PASS>View Reports>
        • Select CSV format so it can be brought into Excel.
        • Adjust date range for scheduled check payments and select ‘view report’ to the right of the option.
        • This report provides the number of checks and details with the payment, but will require manual intervention to find the account number and/or member name for each item.

Should you need assistance with running and/or researching these reports, please contact the SettleMINT team.

Since these reports can be pulled and populated into Excel and typically have the information we need, it is possible to send Member Connect messages if you would like.  If you need help with sending communications to your members, please reach out to Xtend –

We will continue to provide further updates as we receive additional details from Payveris.