Temporary Beta URL for the New Online Banking


This summer, we will be debuting a completely new look-and-feel and user experience for It’s Me 247 desktop and mobile web banking!  This new version of online banking combines both the desktop and mobile versions into a single design that works on every device, whether you are using your phone, tablet or home computer!  This mobile-first design, combined with our new modular infrastructure, will give your credit union new control options over how online banking features are presented to your members.

My credit union has moved to the new online banking but the URL in the address bar of my browser still reads “beta.itsme247.com” – what does this mean?

“beta.itsme247.com” is a temporary site we are using during the rollout process for the new online banking.  Since credit unions are being moved over to the new look gradually, we need to keep the itsme247.com site running as it was before, in order to continue servicing credit unions that are still preparing for their rollout date.  When your credit union goes live on the new software, we automatically instruct the system to take any traffic to that site and redirect it to the beta.itsme247.com site instead.

This setup is temporary.  Once all credit unions have been switched over to the new look (which will happen by the end of October 2021), we will then shift the new software to run on itsme247.com again.  As long as your credit union’s website links correctly to the itsme247.com site, you should not need to perform any additional tasks once we make that final shift.

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