TransUnion Support for CU*NorthWest Clients


As a leading provider of credit data to credit unions across the country, TransUnion has a deep understanding of the needs and the tools required for credit unions to deliver on their promise to their communities.

In an effort to provide continued support to CU*NorthWest clients, TransUnion has developed a special program for CU*NorthWest customers needing to change their credit bureau provider.

For these customers, TransUnion will provide:

  • Streamlined credentialing for credit unions new to TransUnion.
  • Predefined credit report solution packages designed for a seamless transition.
  • Expedited contracting and onboarding processes.
  • Dedicated onboarding support and primary points of contact for CU*NorthWest customers only.

The expedited timeline for a credit union to go live with TransUnion is approximately two weeks.

For existing TransUnion credit report customers looking to add TransUnion fraud and identity solutions, please contact your TransUnion account representative.

For new TransUnion customers looking to activate the pulling of credit reports, please visit our store page below.

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