We’re Preparing to Move from 247 Lender to the FUEL Decision Model


As many of you are already aware, we are in the process of shifting all online credit unions to our new Sync1 interface for pulling credit reports from the bureaus.  So far over 100 credit unions are pulling reports daily via this interface, and more are moving to it every week.

Now we are excited to start promoting the new decision model available via the Sync1 interface.  Our FUEL (Forecasted Underwritten Express Lending) Decision Model offers many features our credit unions requested, at a much lower per-decision cost than our previous model available through Zoot (247 Lender).  FUEL was first introduced with the 20.11 release, and now we are making plans to move all credit unions away from our old model via Portfolio Defense and Zoot and onto FUEL instead.

Read the attached announcement for more details.

Curious how your credit union could benefit from a decision model?  Use a model now and want to understand what the shift to FUEL would entail?  Want to see a product demo? 

Contact Lender*VP:  lendervp@cuanswers.com