What are My Members’ Remote Banking Habits?


Deciding how to meet your members’ needs remotely can be tricky.  Without thorough analysis, you may end up utilizing risky and ineffective tactics.  Join Keegan Daniel, VP of Professional Services with Asterisk Intelligence and Kristian Daniel, VP of MTG, Sales & Business Development as they discuss how to turn data into actionable insights.  Your credit can use these insights to maximize your exposure to members and see a higher return on investment!

During this webinar, Keegan and Kristian will place a spotlight on the following resources:

  • Online Banking Activity Analysis (Tool #1750)
  • Online Banking Optics: Lite (Tool #1100)
  • Online Banking Optics (Analytics Booth)
  • Online Banking Optics Premium and Our Vision (AI*Engaged)

Thursday, April 14th

12:30 PM – 1:30 PM PT