With eAlerts, Members will Know when Stimulus Payments Arrive!


Encourage your members to sign up for the convenience of eAlerts today!  eAlerts will keep members informed of incoming and outgoing transactions in It’s Me 247 and Mobile App.  If your members are looking for incoming checks or other deposits arriving via ACH, eAlerts will notify them within 30 minutes of the transaction clearing!  This means there is no need for them to log in and check their accounts multiple times.

Don’t forget: ACH transactions are posted in batches, not interactively throughout the day (the number of batches your credit union posts is dependent on your configuration).  As such, if your members do not see a deposit on a particular day, please encourage them to wait until the following day.  And remember, if members are signed up for text banking, not only can they check their balance any time via text, but they can also elect to receive that ACH deposit eAlert via a text message!