Xpress Teller 101: Xpress or Standard?


Welcome back to Xpress Teller 101! Xpress Teller is a new, separate teller processing platform to CU*BASE, designed to streamline and simplify the teller experience. Xpress Teller will be available in the CU*BASE 21.05 release.

Our teams are excited to help you launch Xpress Teller, are eager to see the tool in action across credit union workstations, and are ready to help you learn more about it – but that doesn’t mean we are leaving Standard Teller in the dust! Here are some questions to think about when making your Xpress Teller and Standard Teller plans:

Xpress Teller and Standard Teller FAQ

Did you know you can find these answers and MUCH more about Xpress Teller in the Knowledge Base?

Read more about Xpress Teller in the Kitchen: